Turducken Cooking Challenge

ME 408: Intro to Computer Aided Engineering, Fall 2019

The purpose of this project was to design a system for cooking a particular brand of turduckens using a commercially available oven and two heating skewers. The turducken has three layers for each ingredient: a turkey outer layer, a ducken (homogeneous mixture of duck and chicken) middle layer, and a stuffing center (homogeneous mixture of potatoes and onions). The goal is to cook the turducken as fast as possible with minimal burnt volume. Finite Element Analysis software (ANSYS Workbench) is used to perform a transient thermal analysis to calculate the resulting temperature distributions of a particular cooking process. Altair HyperMesh is used to discretize the turducken geometry into a mesh. The parameters considered are the skewer design and oven temperature. The video below shows the resulting thermal analysis.