ME 412: Autonomous Mobile Robots, Fall 2016

Turtlebot was designed to compete in a robot tank battle competition. The robot had to meet several objectives: complete a round without colliding into walls or obstacles, leave and return to its home base, and score points by tagging the opposing base and the opposing robot with a ping-pong ball. The robot uses two servo motors to drive, controlled by an Arduino. It uses six Sharp IR sensors to detect objects. Turtlebot has six IR phototransistors to detect the opponent’s robot and base in order to target and launch at them. A rubber-band slingshot is triggered by a solenoid linear actuator in order to fire the ping pong ball. Turtlebot has a very powerful and accurate ping-pong ball launcher, and it uses this to its advantage. The competition strategy is to initially score points with long range shots at the opponent’s base, and continue by roaming the field, scoring more and hunting down the opponent’s robot. Turtlebot successfully completed all of its assigned objectives, and functioned consistently for the duration of competition.